Sunday, August 7, 2011

Power of words

Truly strange is the world wonderful of words
And words many behind a word single
Thus power boundless does a word possess

Beautifying the beautiful and making uglier the ugliest
So they turn friends to foes and foes to friends
Have they the power to change the time and tide

Soothers are they to the soul and mind distraught
Venom also enormous with them do they carry
Thus change peace to war and war to peace

Frustrations deep and disgruntle untold out they gush
Hide they can the fret and woes of doleful heart
Also make they life a seeming cosy bed of flowers

Companinons are they to the lonesome and deserted
Add they hilarity to the life dull and dreary
Full of hope and gaiety thus the life becomes

Smiling and weeping, also making smile and weep
Out they come from mind unfettered and revolutionize
As did Socrates, Aristotle, Lenin and the Marx Great

But hark ! A culture of their own do the words have
Living Wherein do they grow and prosper
But lose their worth if unthoughtfully used