Thursday, October 5, 2017

Social Media: Your Voice

In his book We Think : The Power of Mass Creativity, Charles W Leadbeater said : “You are what you share.” Of course when even an ordinary man gets a free way to share or say what he thinks on a particular issue or on the issue of his own choice, it gives a feeling of revelation that he has a voice. And when people standing at the margin think that they have a say, its true democracy and real freedom of speech – that’s what the social media is doing today. Of late, it is fast catching up with the people as an unprecedented opportunity to express their agreements and disagreements, pleasures and displeasure, selection and rejections, satisfaction and disgruntle and above all everything what they wish to express and that too at their own terms and conditions.

Be it the enticing language skill of Ravish Kumar on NDTV or the dominating, scathing and reprimanding arguments of Arnab Goswami on Republic TV or Rohit Sardana’s show of Taal Thok Ke  on Zee TV or Anish Devgan in Aar Paar  on News India or Anjana Om Kashyap in Halla Bol  on Aaj Tak, all these channels seem to be pulling the debate towards the predetermined conclusion. Every evening in TV studio, stage is set for some debate with some political spokespersons and a few known analysts and experts sitting as panellists. They start shouting at each other and in the pandemonium, it becomes difficult to ascertain as to who is saying what and to whom. In between, the anchor, who is supposed to control the proceedings, himself loses control and also starts shouting. These channels and anchors seem more or less biased with some particular agenda or pre-concluded conclusions. They say – nation wants to know or desh janana chahta hai as if they had completely calculated the pulse rate or had read the faces of more than 125 crore people.
In this gambit of debate, where are the common audience and where is their voice? A common viewer also has his own view, his own issue, his own problem. He also wants to say or shout and wants to be heard?
But worry not now! We have the social media – Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, linked In etc. wherein you can have your say, where your voice is heard by those whom you want to tell. where you can drop in anytime as per your convenience and can pour down what is in your mind and heart. Reducing the hegemony of a few newschannels and anchors, Social media have given tremendous power into the hands of the people. You can tap the like, comment or share tab. If you don’t like something, you have the option of unfriending and blocking. This all is so easy and free of any hiccups. Do you want to say something on what I say, do come to my timeline!