Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Hypocracy

Many a time it occurs to my mind that we Indians lead a life of double standard – one for ourselves and one for others.  We preach something and do something else. The last time I had a chance to be at the ‘Bhagwat Katha’ (religious story). The people thronged to the place of function in thousands.  This just imbued me to think how hypocritical we are. The people there were feeling so privileged to listen to the hasrikKatha (story related to god ) as if they all were leading a narrow and straight life. But I knew that so many of them were so down and dirty.
In fact, the people keep the principles only for sermonizing  but  in practice their deeds go against the common precept of decency and ethics. Not to talk of leading of a fair life, they leave no stone unturned impede the life of those who lead a fair and square life. Perhaps we are living in such a society where the honest people lose their houses to  be prayed in temples