Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lost Love

Turned I fifteen and was drawn towards her
                                          Was it the first crush or love as often they say   
Bewitched had she me with smile mesmerizing
                                         And felt I in core of my heart an ache so blissful  
Reservoir serene of solace she became for me
                                         To look and to hide the look her invincible style
But, Never did I nor she ever expressed heart
                                        But both knew had we something for each other
The viscissitudes of life Then moved us apart
                                        Departed were we with the hearts unexpressed
Thus were parted the hearts from each other
                                       Again are we brought together face to face
But now gone is the smile enticing and look
                                       As belong now we to different lives of world
Her heart no more mine and mine not hers
                                       Mine now other’s and other’s was hers too
Thus is she lost to me and me to her. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

No one is above nation

Even those cricket lovers having low retention power must remember the statement of Australian  dashing left-handed opener wherein he has termed Tendulkar as a cricketer with  individualistic goals and achievements.The statement that time ignited the adverse reaction from the cricket lovers in our country. The same statement was recently echoed in the words of Steve Waugh when he reacted to the Dhoni's statement that he wanted to win the World Cup for Tendulkar. However this time Waugh's words did not attract severe reaction.  Notwithstanding the reactions from Indian cricket lovers, I can but side with the two Australians. Let me not be misconstrued that by saying so I want to undermine the cricketing prowess of the little master. What my point is that an individual can never be above nation. 
Dhoni's statement was not only illogical but it also reflected insanity emerging out from a narrow, emotional  and lopsided mentality. The gentleman must understand that he represents the country he is playing for not an individual named Tendulkar.  
Let alone what Dhoni said,  I feel irked and piqued when people overdo the things and associate everything to their personal emotions. Many  a time I am disgusted  with the attitude of the cricket loving people towards cricket and cricketers. They see cricketers as gods and demons in the one go. Whenever they play well, they are raised to the sky as if they were infallible. Whenever they lapse, no stone is left unturned to make life miserable for them. All start giving master tips as if those players had undergone apprenticeship of cricketing skill in their own cricket academy. They are so much Tendulkarised that they forget that Tendulkar is only a player, and definitely a player with exceptional prowess, but certainly not infallible. 
In fact, Tendulkar is a player of game called cricket at the most an exceptional cricketer and certainly he is neither above cricket nor above the nation he plays this game for. It is not denied that he is a doyen of cricket but at the same time it is also true that many of his innings have been self engrossed. Falling in line with the prevailing milieu, our media are also not behind. Media need to be objective, but our media go two steps further in hoicking our cricketers from dust to sky and sky to dust.
I was coerced  into write this post when to my shock and dismay I saw two cricket crazy fellows coming to blows because one was for Sehwag while the other one was hellbent on making the former worship Tendulkar as his god. This is the last thing we do when we can neither convince nor convinced by others. What rubbish thing.