Sunday, January 15, 2012

The year 2011

The year gone by has been significant for India especially in one respect – the rising against corruption lead by Ram Dev and Anna. Whatever have been the results, but they have been successful in igniting the dormant resentment and disgruntle of the common people. For the first time, the initiatives  taken by the people like Ram Dev and Anna Hazare got so much force and support.
Though Ram Dev has decided to withdraw himself for the time being, but he will be back more surer, emphatic and resolute. As regards Anna Hazare, he has really caught the imagination of the people. The man really is strong in his character and resolute in conviction.
Of course, the politicians had to eat a humble pie. They will do their best to get rid of the duo. But I am sure the year 2012 will again see more from the duo and the politicians will have to bow down though with pinch of salt. Hats off to both !