Friday, February 18, 2011

Talking in Symbols

Many a time symbolic language plays tremendous part in making people understand the things easily and clearly which otherwise does not seem to be that easy. The other day, while teaching, I was trying to make it clear to the students as to what a good paragraph was. Even after strenuous efforts, I was not convinced that the students had well taken my point. Suddenly I was reminded of a quotation which goes like this- A good paragraph should be like a lady's skirt: long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting. This was enough and the response from the students was that I was satisfied that the job had been done to the maximum. There was no need for further elaboration. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Falling in Love One Time Affair- Against the Motion

Love is an emotion, and emotions do not necessarily remain constant. No doubt, the first crush in life in unforgettable but that doesn’t, in any way, infer that this kind of emotion or feeling will not occur again in future.

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We love the beloved or a thing at the first sight because something about that beloved or thing entices our hearts. But it is possible that we may find the same situation in future also. And, of course, we may feel the same crush again.
Then it also depends on the response we get from the beloved one. If our love goes unrequited, the degree of probability of having the same crush again is maximum.
It goes without saying that love is a natural feeling, and it may arise whenever we behold the beauty in different aspects. It’s not that we get enchanted towards only one aspect of beauty. At the same time we cannot get across the different aspects of beauty once. We may feel riveted towards one aspect at one time and towards other at any other time.
Therefore, I believe that love is a natural feeling and natural feelings or emotions may arise naturally without any definite rule or precision. 

Let me not be misconstrued as a votary of fleeting love. Of course, one needs to be united with the beloved for ever and in any way there is no scope for ditching, But at the same time one may have the feeling of  love again being it another matter that he will not leave the first one for the sake of new one as it is against moral and cultural values. 
The long and short of this post is that love is a natural happening, and natural happening may happen naturally without any canons of happening.