Monday, June 10, 2013

The Kite Runner

Detest I all pages of knowledge, science and philosophy
That make one to forget Him as the Almighty
Fly may I higher and higher and delve deeper and deeper
But relish not the height nor the depth that hides my Anchor

Tiny before Him are the kings, emperors and the presidents
As are they the mere puppets and the role players at his behest

Mover and shaker is he of the world and holds the pivot
The kite runner is He thus controls the life and the flight

What happens and happens not happens at his commands
How Foolish are the fools to think doers they are of the deeds

Is He there nothing is where, is He there everything is where
And hapless the man that looks for Him far here and there  

Realization of being He is always with us yet unseen unrealized
Not the temple nor the Church nor the mosque He ever dwelled

Easy is He to find but subtle deeply to know and comprehend
Found I him in the heart of purity while I searched and searched

The real honcho is He of the immortal to achieve the goal
I bow before Thee, oh ! You the nurse and captain of my soul