Thursday, December 3, 2009

Language Learning

Of late, I happened to interact with the teachers of the state.purpose being to teach how to teach the language. It was really a tremendous experience. In fact, learning English language is in itself an enjoyable pursuit. I somehow realised that we, as teachers, have to learn a lot in this sphere. Giving cold shoulder to this language is going to mar the very future of the students.This language has an edge over other languages because of its magnanimous nature.
It is not out of place to aver that we have good teachers of Eglish, but perhaps not good teachers of good English. Good English means the English that looks like English. good pronunciation is the hall mark of this language as people notice the accent and tone of any speech at once even if they don't listen to properly. Some of my friends may ignorantly call it snobbery or may even go to the extent of calling it a symbol of haughtiness. But I can illustrate it in this way- a native English may speak Hindi in an anglicised accent, but he becomes a but of fun for us because his pronunciation is not upto the mark. Similarly. we are laughed at, when we speak Hinglish, by those who are good at speaking English or have knowledge of spoken English.  

Au Revoir!

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