Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Consolidate the Basic Education

It was hard to believe the eyes and ears when the the BA I semester resut was  of the HPU was out. It was no less than a shocker. It has raised the eyebrows of many. Especiaioally the students, parents and teachers are groaning and moaning in the agony of this unexpected bad outcome. Nobody could have imagined such a poor result. More embarrassing is that the 10+2 toppers have also fallen in the trap wreathed by the RUSA. As the HPU has endorsed that no goof up has taken place while preparing the result, it gives much to rethink about the esperiments being made with the education and the learners.
       The bad result as this, various questions about the veracity and credibility of education and examination system naturally will arise, and need to be answered too. After all why it so that even the 10+2 toppers flunked miserably in BA 1st semester?
In fact, the success of a learner in higher education depends on the how well he has read and learnt in his basic classes. As brick of foundation is to the building, the education and learning is to the development of nationn. Weaker the education, more weaker the nation. The recent results framed under RUSA has made it threadbare that our basic education system is brittle and fragile.
       No detention policy till 8th standard has become an irksome for the education and teachers. Various surveys have made it clear that the students of 6th standard are unable to write their own name correctly and in 9th class they cannot do the basic sums of multiplication and division. So much so that a student of 10+1 can’t rearrange the jumble to form an English proverb, the use of correct tense forms is a far call.
The teachers who deal the students after 8th standard find themselves in all sorts of troubles. If they teach the learners the basic skills of maths and language, the syllabus cannot be completed; if they take up syllabus, the students can’t learn. Apart from this the teachers have to do various non-teaching works. He dangles between being a babu and a teacher.Then there is transfer and inrement scare if the result stands off the mark. working under pressure and stress, he has become a harassed lot and a harassed teacher can only be a bad teacher.
The questions also arises about the credibility of the HP Board examination. How come the 10+2 toppers got failed in BA? The Board may make lofty claims of holding fair examination, but what actually happens during examinations is enough to beacon  that we are heading to be at par with Bihar.
After staggering and plodding through to get 33% marks in 10+2, , the learners find themselves incongruous with the RUSA pattern which has raised pass percentage to 45 per cent.
So its high time to revamp the basic education system so that the learners may get ripe at the ripe time to cope with the higher education system

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