Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Live as Brothers

Though Winston Churchil had scoffed at Mahatma Gandhi calling him ‘a half-naked Fakir,’ yet this Fakir ignited the spark of freedom among common Indians without using khadag or dhal. Known as Sabarmati Kaa Sant, he is revered by the whole world today as the man of millennium. Giving the message of love, cohesion and brotherhood he said: “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” He taught the people hoe to lead a life of truth and nonviolence.
When human being takes birth, none comes into this world crying Allah hu Akbar or Har Har Mahadev. No one has any label tasselled to its little body that deciphers him as Hindu, Mulim, Sikh, Christian, lower caste, upper caste, black baby, white baby etc. God has made us equal. None is high, none low. Isn’t it enough to be born as human being? We come into the world as His siblings. There is only one caste – the caste of humanity and there is only one religion – religion of love. We are the trees of same seed and root. Can you hate the trees and love the roots?
There is no network – not the Airtel, not the BSNL, not the Vodafone, not the Reliance, not any other network – that has more signal strength for white skinned people and less for less white people. Sun does not command its rays to shine softly on some, singe some and leave others untouched, nor do the clouds direct the droplets of rain to moisten a few and leave others dry. The moon remains same for both - Id and Karvachauth. The phenomena of nature do not discriminate people from people. So, why do we, after all, discriminate between man and man on the bases of caste, creed and colour?
This is really tragic that some dies in hospital due to scarcity of blood while the same blood flows on roads in the name of God. Iqbal beautifully puts it – mazhab naheen sikhaata aapas mei bair rakhanaa…  No one has the right to humiliate and rob people of their freedom and joy on the bases of colour, religion, caste or creed. Say ‘love’, the world will echo with ‘love’; say ‘hate’, the world will echo with ‘hate’. Let this world echo with the word ‘love’ not hate. Be an ambassador of universal brotherhood and cohesion. We are on this earth to make this world a better place to live in and that can be done through love not hate.
Therefore, make this world a place where we are judged by the merits and contents of our character, not by the colour of our skin, caste, faith or creed. Every individual, of course, has the right to have his own set of beliefs, but he must also consider that others also exercise the same right. Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr: “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together like fools.”