Friday, February 19, 2010

Divine innocence

A child is nearest to god, and in him lies the innocence in its purest form. He can do or  say anything which no grownup would be able to. The other day when my son, Kshitij was four  and daughter, Aparajita was three, the both were having bath while my wife was just having a care-taking look at them. Kshitij happened to urinate during the bath. Aparajita, looking curiously asked, " Mummi, when will I be able to urinate standing like  Kshitij!" " When you will be grownup like me," responded Kshitij as if the little champ had solved the most difficult problem existing in the world. We could but muse at this nieve innocence of the kids. The instance still muses me and will perhaps remain etched to my memorable memories.

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