Tuesday, February 9, 2010


                 I am the son of my father is only a faith because I have faith in my mother. And it is the mother only who can know and sometimes even she can't. But still my faith in my mother makes me the son of my father. Everyone has this faith. There is no factual supporting behind this. But still it remains a fact which is more factual than the fact itself. Faith is without which we cannot perhaps move on even an iota in our life. We begin each act of our routine life with some faith - a belief that sustains us. We sleep at night with the fath that god will make us wake up alive and we get up with the belief that we will do this or that with the belief that the off shoots would  be this or that. 
              This is  historically proven faith that man can live without science but not without faith. Science cannot survive without faith at its back. Faith is more scietific than the science itself. More appropriately science is the result of  the faith that this experiment, invention or discovery will lead to this or that. Science is, nodoubt, necessary for the progress of mankind,  but faith is at the very base of human existence - an inextricable part of human living.  Science gives us comforts and luxuries but the faith sustains us, prevent the world from decaying and gives us solace - that internal contentment which is hard to get by in this world of fret and fury. Therefore, don't go into the lap of science at the cost of faith because perhaps faith is the better mother.     

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